This comprehensive overview of BPI’s comes thanks to the team at Leeds General Hospital and covers every aspect of a Brachial Plexus Injury, what it is through to how to live with it. Our thanks to the team at Leeds for allowing us to reproduce their work. Please keep in mind that the procedure for physio etc, listed below, relates to the Leeds General Hospital and that there may be some variations in technique in other Hospitals. Always consult your own physio about which exercises are suitable for your particular injury. Opening hours also relate to Leeds General and not other hospitals. Click on the headings below to go direct to each section.

What is a BPI?
Types of injury, how they are treated and recovery
Occupational Therapy
Pain Management
Clinical Psychology
Glossary of terms

Marco Sinisi, Consultant Neurosurgeon at the Wellington Hospital Peripheral Nerve Injury Unit has written the following article

Nerve Damage Explained