Community – Climbing Everest!

   Bigsel’s Everest Challenge


Mount Everest is the world’s highest summit.
At 8850m (29,035 feet), it is about five miles high. For personal reasons, Bigsel decided to ‘step’ the height of Mount Everest using a step machine in an effort to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.

Bigsel (Paul) has been climbing mountains all over the world for many years up to 1999 when he had an accident while climbing an ice route in Glen Orchy in Scotland. He now has a left arm BPI, but this has not stopped him from pursuing a sport that he loves.

He is wearing a flail arm splint on his left arm for stability and support.

“Challenge done but totally knackered, took 3 hours 15min, but you can add another 18 minutes for rest time, stepped 29000ft, not too bad a time I have to say, but feeling it now, I actually thought it would take a lot longer, I surprised myself in the end. The hardest part was the last 15min, I had to dig deep to keep going, the local paper was there & Carol took some photos…….”
Scottish tbpi

A few weeks later, after all the sponsorship money was collected; Newspaper photo of Bigsel handing over the
cheque for £700 raised for the British Heart Foundation.