Community – Dennis’ Story

   My injury happened on Dec. 26, 2000.

I was riding home from work at about 55mph. It was very dark and a Black Angus cow was wandering down the road. She completely blended in with the blacktop, until I was 20′-30’away. I had no time to stop, swerve, or even slow down. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground and couldn’t get up. I spent 8 days in the hospital after having my spleen removed, and also learned of my bpi.
All of the doctors who examined me couldn’t offer any treatment, other than to wait and see what kind of recovery I would get. After doing my own research on the internet, I convinced a neurologist to talk with a neurosurgeon at the local teaching hospital. The neurosurgeon did reconstructive surgery on my brachial plexus on June 25, 2001.
A year and half after my accident, things are getting better. My hand and wrist function almost normally and my bicep, though still very weak, has made an incredible recovery. My deltoids are just barely starting to do something. I continue to do intensive physical therapy in the hopes of regaining more function.
Thanks for listening everyone,