Community – Jamie’s Story

    My name is Jamie, I’m 29 and I live in Queensland, Australia.

I remember flashes of the day at times but I don’t remember impact etc. My Fiancé Gina has filled in the gaps for me.

My motorbike experience is all of some dirt and road bikes when I was a teen, but two years or so ago, I was very happily encouraged to finally get a license (bike that is). From the age of about 5 I dreamed of my own Harley, and as I got older it spread to any classic cruiser style bike eg. Triumph, BSA, Indian, Norton. Old enough to choose I always leaned towards Trumpy/Hog. The little Yamaha 250 roady got me by, I had done a booster training course on a Suzuki 400 to go straight to my opens.( In Oz the norm is 250 for 12 months then more testing to go bigger). After 24 months of little Yammy, Gina told me to go and buy a NEW bike, Yes NEW. My choice was the black and yellow “Triumph Speedmaster 800, 2003″ model I had been drooling over through a window for some time, and even had Gina stand beside me at that window as I drooled.

It only took me 2 days to arrange finance, insurance and other junk, and I was away! Nothing to stop me.
That was September 16 2003.

November, 16 2003. A lovely Sunday ride with friends would be perfect and it was, until that afternoon as we were heading home, still in a group. 2 on a Harley upfront, my Gina on the yammy and me with Casey (who works for Gina & I) coming last. Now I remember brakes not stopping me looking down at my bike and screaming F*^%*%^$%!@!!!

My Gina was stopped at a 4-way intersection, she remembers hearing me skidding and then seeing me roll past her straight into the intersection and into the path of a Toyota Sedan doing 100kph. My pillion luckily was thrown off the back of the bike, she still copped a smashed foot, broken femur and fractured her pelvis twice. Me, I got thrown up into the windscreen and back down to the road where my bike and I lovingly rolled together to a stop. I was unconscious and didn’t come back until about Christmas.

I wake up and have been told a few stories about my antics in ICU, firstly I was in delirium for some time and I had a left TBPI, left Tibula/Fibia now one steel bar?, split pelvis and me front to back (not nice) beautiful X-Fix, fractured left shin, severe ankle sprain x 2; messy right hand that went through windscreen, huge hole burnt in right thigh from my knee to about 6” from my groin (burnt through fat/skin/muscle).

TBPI didn’t phase me at first, I figured if I couldn’t take it home working I’d just leave it there and start life again. I was lucky that the coma and delirium helped me adjust mentally so when I finally woke up as myself there was no shock. I merely accepted all injuries and wondered what was for lunch.

I know compared to other stories I’m ‘lucky’ (at which point in relation to any of our accidents do we become lucky?) so I’m told repeatedly, ‘wow you are so lucky!’.
I am however lucky in that that my support base is awesome, my fiancé and her family non stop attention, my family, non-stop attention, and my workmates always sincere and meaning it, my real mates have never let me down. I just really want to say that although I am a positive person, I would not be this far on without that support and definitely not without my Gina.
We now wait patiently for March 15 ’04 when we finally get to meet our country’s top Neuro’ and see what if anything can be done for me. I try not to hope for fear of disappointment. In the end I suppose I’ll just get what the big fella upstairs has planned for me. Cheers Everyone!