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   Steve’s adapted bike

The bike is a Kawasaki ZX6R 2002 model (636cc). It has several bits added. The first to go on was a Techtronics QuickShift. This allows clutchless gear changes regardless of throttle position. Unlike a regular clutchless up shift there is no need to roll back off of full throttle. Same with down shifts but it’s best to roll off a bit so you’re not accelerating, the control unit blips the throttle to bring the engine to the right revs for the lower gear automatically. This is about £700 fitted and needs quite a bit of setting up.

The second area is the switch from right hand side front brake and throttle.This was done by David and Iain Tivey in Liverpool. A CBR400
throttle assembly has been fitted to the left hand side bar and a new ZX7R front brake lever with remote reservoir.

The levers are mounted one above the other and with the shortened clutch lever further out than the front brake. This allows all controls to be used at the same time if needed.

The original left hand side grip is switched to the right and is covered in the hook part of Velcro.

On the underside of my right glove, the felt part of Velcro is fixed with a contact adhesive. I can put you in touch with David & Iain They have done five bikes so far, and David has a right BPI and has had two bikes since his injury so he knows what’s needed and works.

To ensure my arm does not bend and get in the way and allow me to use my body movements to assist steering, I wear two braces. One custom fit fixed hinged elbow brace from Pro-line ( and a regular wrist split (metal bar under palm).

When on the bike you wouldn’t know I had any injury. I feel very comfortable and find the bike easy to ride without having to take account of the braces or my lack of movement in my right arm. The controls took a bit of getting used to but now they are second nature
and I don’t think about what I have to do.

I hope this shows what people want to see but you can email me here if you want to know anything else.

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