Resources – Driving Assessment

If you are concerned about getting back on the road, be it car, van, lorry or motorbike, following your injury, The G1 Form is what you will need. This should ensure that you comply with the latest regulations laid down by the DVLA.
Thanks to Scott from Stewarts for providing this up to date information.

You will need to submit form G1 giving details about your injury, including the name of your GP and any treating Consultant.
You can send your completed questionnaire by fax or post
Fax 0845 8500 095
Drivers Medical Group
SA99 1DF

The DVLA will then contact your GP/Consultant to get further information and the DVLA will pay their invoices directly.
Based on the information received, the Medical Group may then reach a decision, or offer you a medical assessment. The medical assessment would be with a local driving centre and would be funded by the DVLA. However, any travel expenses to the assessment would not be recoverable from the DVLA.
A decision will then be made by the DVLA. Download the G1 form here