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   Yeti’s combination

Clamp with weak link for use with arm prosthesis on a motorcycle/sidecar combination. Yeti used this clamp together with his arm prothesis for years to enable him to drive his combo safely.
Please take note of his comments about uses for solo motorcycle riding.

This clamp was supplied by my limb fitting centre up in Scotland, and apparently is no longer on the “spares” catalogue (I think it was made by Steepers, but I could be wrong). The weak link which is basically an internally and externally threaded insert as described in the accompanying drawing. The pivoting capstan screw is loosened off and pulled clear to allow the clamp to be wrapped around the handlebar grip (using it on the throttle is NOT recommended, I tried it and it was not safe!!!) Swap the twist grip throttle over to the left hand side, it works well with the clutch as its now reversed. You pull in the clutch and you throttle down, release the clutch and your hand, twisting forward, increases the revs. Once the capstan is tightened up, the locking screw gets the entire gadget at a comfortable angle.
Whilst this set up is ok for normal driving, care MUST be taken when going over speed ramps and pot holes etc. It will take the normal lumps and bumps but will NOT support much weight, so standing up and leaning on the clamp is a bad idea. The use that I’ve had from this clamp, over the years, has been pretty substantial,
I cannot tell how strong the insert will be, or how long it will last under solo riding conditions. So if anyone out there manages to get hold of one of these, for a solo bike, for christ sake be careful until you are aware of the limits of the weak link. It always snaps at the base of the external threaded part where it goes into the bayonet fixing plate that locks into your prosthesis, and the bit inside this can be removed by heating up and old screw driver, red-hot and pushing it into the plastic, and once cooled, this can simply be unscrewed ready for fitting a spare. (Make sure you get someone to turn you some up from some good tough nylon rod…see diagram)


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